DMV Holidays: Closing Schedule

If you are planning to conduct any DMV-related business, you should be aware that there are days when the DMV is closed. DMV Holidays occur on commemorative or holiday dates, according to the government and state holiday calendar.

DMV Holidays: Closing Schedule

While not all states have the same DMV Holidays schedule, as each has its own holidays based on local events, in general, the days on which the DMV is closed are those dates that are celebrated throughout the United States. Keep reading this article to learn more about DMV Holidays.

What is the DMV

The DMV is the acronym for the Department of Motor Vehicles, which is the official agency in charge of everything related to vehicles, such as driver’s license testing, issuing a driver’s license and registering a vehicle, among many other procedures.

However, there are different states in the country where the DMV does not have this name, but, depending on the place, the denomination varies in relation to the transportation departments.

What the DMV is for

In the United States, the DMV has become one of the most important entities not only for issuing driver’s licenses, but also for issuing identity verification cards, not to mention its main tasks, which are the issuance of driver’s licenses, license plates and registration stickers, and even driving tests, which are divided into two parts: one theoretical and the other practical.

Among the procedures that the DMV performs on a daily basis, with the exception of DMV Holidays, it is possible to process the sale and transfer of titles, or their renewal.

Currently, and depending on the procedure that the driver wants to carry out, certain procedures can be done online, in order to avoid long lines at the offices.

What is the name of the Department of Motor Vehicles in each state?

A clear example of the aforementioned is Minnesota, where the DMV is called the Driver and Vehicle Services Division of the Department of Public Safety. We can also take as an example Kentucky, where it is called the Transportation Cabinet, or Louisiana, where the DMV is called the Office of Motor Vehicles.

If we move to Montana, the DMV is part of the Department of Justice, unlike New Hampshire, where it is part of the Department of Safety. If we go to Hawaii or the District of Columbia, the DMV is a local government agency, not a state agency.

DMV Open Days

If you need to go in person to one of the DMV offices, you should keep in mind that you can’t just go on any day. For example, you can go to one of these branches if it is an election day, and every day of the week.

In fact, the offices are open on Christmas Eve, but only if that day is a business day, with the exception of DMV Holidays, which we will mention in the next section.

As we said before, DMV Holidays depend on the holidays in each state, for example, there are places where the offices remain closed, while, in others, the DMV doors are open.

RECOMMENDATION: Check your state’s official DMV website for DMV Holidays, e.g., California.

DMV Holidays: Closing Days

We already know that the DMV holidays depend on the state in which you reside. However, there are national dates when DMV offices are closed.

DMV Holidays: Closing Schedule

Here are the usual dates when you will not be able to go to one of these branches.

  • New Year’s Day (01/01).
  • Martin Luther King Day (01/21).
  • President’s Day (02/19).
  • Memorial Day (05/27).
  • Independence Day (07/04).
  • Labor Day (09/02).
  • Columbus Day (10/14).
  • Veterans’ Day (11/11).
  • Thanksgiving Day (11/28).
  • Christmas Day (12/25).

What the DMV test is like

To take the DMV test, whether to obtain a driver’s license, a learner’s permit, or a commercial driver’s license (CDL), the first thing you should know is that you have to go through two parts.

The first part is a written, multiple-choice test, with theory, i.e., traffic rules and everything related to driving. The second part is a practical test, where you will have to demonstrate your driving skills to a DMV examiner.

DMV Holidays: Closing Schedule

Since there are many people interested in taking this driving test, it is essential that, if you are going to take it, you have studied and prepared yourself, since, in this way, you will avoid wasting not only your time, but also the time of other people who have studied and who could be in your place.

This is why, if you feel you are not ready to pass the exam, do not take the exam, because there are many people waiting for their turn to take the exam.

For this reason, we recommend that you study the driving manual of the state where you will take your driving test, watch instructional videos, review the requirements and traffic regulations, among other topics that will be required by the DMV.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use my license as identification?

Yes, you can use your license to prove your age. The license will not have your Social Security Number (SSN) on it, due to the increase in identity fraud. To speed up the work of the officers when recognizing the age of drivers, the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators (AAMVA) provides two formats of the card.

On the one hand, there are the vertical cards, which means that the citizen is under 21 years of age. On the other hand, horizontal cards are used to identify persons over 21 years of age.

This method allows, for example, alcohol sellers, to check that the person to whom they will sell is over 21 years old (horizontal card).

More information

If you want to know more about the two stages of the driving test, click accordingly (theoretical and practical). You can also learn more about the identification cards by clicking on this link.

Regarding the DMV offices, you can check the schedules and addresses by clicking here, just select your state.